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These instructions can always be accessed by clicking the blue question mark icon in the top right of your task interface.

Task Instructions

Task Goal: To analyze and evaluate how the articles uses information from quoted sources. The bolded text appearing to the left will identify some quoted source (person, organization, or document) that has been quoted or paraphrased in the article. Your job is to answer questions about that quoted source, so the Public Editor system is better able to understand the credibility of the source, and its relevance to the article.


  1. Answer the questions on the right side of the screen.
  2. If an inkwell appears to the left of your answer choice, highlight the text that supports your answer choice.
  3. Click on blue question marks if you have questions or feel confused!

Notes from the research team:

Do your best! The first few tasks might take you 5 minutes or more. But you'll soon be doing these tasks in 2 minutes or less.

And don't stress! Sometimes it is hard to choose between potential answer choices, and difficult to know for certain if you are correct. But other people are also completing these same tasks, and the PE system will find the consensus among your best efforts. (Although PE tasks appear like the quizzes and tests we took in school, no one is grading you or judging you. Your best effort is more than good enough.)

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