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Task Help

These instructions can always be accessed by clicking the blue question mark icon in the top right of your task interface.

Task Instructions

Task Goal: Identify and label different parts of a news article, so that our teammates can evaluate each part more carefully.


  1. Click your mouse on each highlight label (to the left side of the displayed text). Notice that the instructions for how to apply that label appear in a box of the same color located beneath the displayed text.
  2. Carefully consider the labeling instructions. Click and drag your mouse to highlight relevant information.
  3. Attend to instructions about case flag numbers (which will appear to the top right of your highlights.) You can assign case flag numbers using your keyboard (or by clicking on the +/- signs near the case flag number).
  4. Check that you've labeled comprehensively, then Click 'Save and Next'.

Notes from the research team:

Do your best! The first few tasks might take you 15 minutes or more. But you'll soon be doing these tasks in 6 minutes or less.

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