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Reasoning Task

In this task, you'll be evaluating the bolded text to identify any issues with the Reasoning in and/or immediately around the bolded text.

This is one of the more challenging tasks in the Public Editor system because (1) reasoning error are usually tricky for people to spot, (2) because there are so many different kinds of reasoning errors to know about, and (3) because the reasoning errors that occur in articles are not always perfect examples of the reasoning errors we identify in the Public Editor system.

We highly recommend that you spend time getting to know the reasoning errors in the Public Editor system. Each of them are detailed, with definitions and examples, within the task interface. You simply need to click on the blue question mark to the right of each named reasoning error to learn more. Please do this the first 15 times you complete these tasks. The repition will really help. And to supercharge your learning, create your own examples. Every skilled teacher knows that generating examples is a challenge that will force your mind to find concreteness and clarity about a general concept.

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