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Task Help

These instructions can always be accessed by clicking the blue question mark icon in the top right of your task interface.

Task Goal:

To identify passages that use evidence, probability, biased language, or suspicious reasoning, so our teammates can evaluate them further.


  1. Click on the LANGUAGE tag (on the left side of the screen). Highlight all bits of text with typos or other potential language issues: emotional or leading wording, strong metaphors, slang, etc. Change case flags (the number at the top of each highlight) so that each separate highlight or set of conceptually related highlights has a unique number. Each set of highlights with one color and one number will be passed along to a specialist as a set for closer evaluation.
  2. Click on Probability. Highlight any words, phrases, or sentences indicating either uncertainty ("possibly," "likelihood") or potential overconfidence (e.g. "This will definitely happen"). Increment case flags as in Language, giving related highlights the same case flag number.
  3. Click on Reasoning and highlight any reasoning that you think is questionable, especially if it might contain some logical fallacy or appeal to a psychological bias. Especially keep an eye out for evaluative arguments. Again, increment case flags so that each distinct argument has its own case flag number.
  4. Click on Evidence and highlight any evidence in the article: observations used to support a claim. This is often statistics from polls or studies. Evidence often involves a longer highlight, as more context is needed to explain the whole piece of evidence. Again, indicate distinct pieces of evidence with separate case flag numbers.
  5. Check over your work one more time, keeping an eye on the case flags.
  6. If you're happy, click Save and Next!

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